Notice Mikey's Fest/ Ronald McDonald House St Pete 2018 updates

Mikey P

HUM-- Is nexus still a MB event?
or is registration full? usually events are "notices" at the top of clean forum and Nexus info seems to be buried.-- except of course the banner ad at the bottom of your posts.

Yep, registration is still open

Check the class schedule here

The RMH cleaning is on Wednesday...

We'll have a raffle for over 17k in prizes where you can buy tickets to stack the odds on winning what you want with ALL proceeds going to the Vegas RMH as well as the 370/Dev/Zip giveAway they also have a new Harley and a concrete grinder to give out

and more killer food and hooch than you can believe.

Mikey P

Rumor has it, that not only will you be able to see AND run a new Prochem Legend GT at Nexus at the Ronald McDonald House but a new Sapphire Model will be on display at the trade show..

Not to late to sign up for free!

Free beer
Free cocktails
Free delish food
Free SS370
Free Devastator and Zipper wand
Free Harley Davidson
Free Concrete Grinder
\/click this banner to sign up\/
So I found rooms at the red roof inn and the flamingo for about $100 a night for 6 nights.

Still searching but the red roof looks like the best bet.