Notice Mikey's Fest/ Ronald McDonald House St Pete 2018 updates

Found out the neighbor to the north who is never here has a house in Clearwater near the beach. She is Greek so they are taking us to Greek town, fishing on their boat and diving for sponges. Probably dolphin watching too.

Really looking forward to this.
Looks like we're not going to make it. The dealership needs us there nightly the week we were going to be gone and we have list confidence in the girls we had trained. One called off Sunday because she hurt her knee and the other who was questionable anyway called off tonight because her basement flooded. They both miss too much work anyway so probably going to fire the second and we have no replacement.
I'll probably lose the airfare since it was nonrefundable but better to lose a few hundred bucks than $25,000ish. We just put in for a price increase too but we forgot to put a date to enact it so we're trying to set up a meeting.
Anyway we are in our worse flooding in a very very long time too and it's just starting.
The creek looks like a lake glad I'm on a hill.


They've 3vacuated a couple complexes we take care of. We have been put on notice that when the water recedes they want us to clean all the ground floor units as quick as possible and get things dry.

Still holding out hope for this trip but it may be a last minute decision.

Interviewed a new employee tonight for carpet cleaning.