Brand new! Help please!

Haha wow this turned in to quite the discussion! Some really good info.. I think I have decided to go with the sandia 80-5000 sniper it's 400- 1200 psi, 170 water lift 3 vac motors non heated though. $3500 so I can also offer tile cleaning if I chose.. it's obvious it isn't as good or effective as a 25,000 dollar truck mount system. But a guy should be able to make some money with the thing right? If I made $7500 with it I'd be happy.. I am ordering 150 door hangers and going to scatter them threw my community hopefully the calls come poring in! But really just testing the water. I live in a town of 7000 with with surrounding towns of 2000-4500 and no competition! One terribly over priced poorly managed rude company that also uses a portable. Would love for things to take off and advance offer other services power washing, windows etc.. but winter is just around the courner and carpet cleaning is where I see the market open for now. Plus the low cost of a portable is comforting if it didn't go well well surly I can make 3500 with it and have a good cleaner for my house! Having no experience is going to be steep learning curve but thankfully it's 2017 and we have forums!
You need to start to develop an internet presence asap.

It takes a little while, so get on it.

You would be a lot better off with an LTD5 than that Sandia.
Or should I got with the ltd 12? Does anyone do much tile work? Or is it not really in demand? I was thinking it would be something I could up sale if they wanted when I was already there...
Don't count on many tile jobs
Different animal and they won't be as frequent as you think.

LTD is WAY TOO heavy to be anyone's primary bread-n butta unit.


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But a guy should be able to make some money with the thing right? If I made $7500 with it I'd be happy..

So you figure, you spend $3500 on the setup and you will be happy with $7500 revenue.

You'll need to make a lot more than $7500 to make it worth it.

You will pay yourself for your time spent doing the work.
You will pay insurance.
You will drive around to jobs where your vehicle will be using gas and whatever else might be included in amortization.
You will need to spend on chemicals and other small tools and materials (plastic tabs, Styrofoam, brushes, hoses, buckets, vacuum, rags/towels, and a lot more junk)
You will spend on your advertisement.
You will want to pay taxes... I'd think.

So yeah...shoot for a higher goal than $7500.