Brand new! Help please!

I will throw my two pennies into the pot of advice. (I have not read all six pages so I do appologize if this has been covered, just don't have the patience)
I would suggest that you look at the 100* line that mytee has. They are a little bit lighter than the ltd line and will give you similar performance. You could also look at the namco manufacturing line of portables. The design is really user friendly. Out side of that I would suggest that you look for a portable with 2 3 stage vacuum motors and adjustable 500 psi pressure. 2 inch vac tubing would be a plus if you can get it. There are many companies that make such a machine, but where they all differ is in weight distribution. Think about pulling that portable up three flights of stairs in 80degree heat. The best portable available that has all the weight in the front will be cursed at and hated by the second floor. I have expierence with that so trust me. Also see what is available in your local distributors. Mytee may be what you want but if you have to order parts when things break you will be loosing money each day you have to wait.
I will make myself available if you would like to do a ride along. PM me if interested.
See if you can make it to either Mikey's fest or to the expierence in Vegas in September. Just starting out you may find the expierence to be better as you will be able to see more things/companies.

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"my carpet is still wet after three days and there's a odor now" :eekk:


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He bailed as soon as he realized Taco is a douchebag with a deep-seeded hatred for portable equipment which no doubt stems from his insecurities about the size of his pecker.

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Tisk the world needs another POS porty cleaner.

Surely the world does not.

What the world does need is more cleaners who are skilled in the "craft" of utilizing and operating portable equipment.


One more thing sh!t-for-brainz.................

It's pointless to keep beating the age-old "TM's are better" argument to death as if anybody really disagrees with it.

Any sh!thead could successfully make that argument, as you have just shown.

This being true in no way changes the fact that for many operators and operations, at different stages of their growth, portable equipment is the best choice.

It's like someone arguing that you shouldn't no one should use a 33 blower merely because a 47 is better, which is true, when there are many other factors to consider.

It comes down to which choice is the best "fit" for the particular operators unique needs, not which is stronger.

That same argument is valid when comparing a porty to a entry level TM.

A TM is not the best "fit" for every operation.

Whether or not your a sh!tty hack or not is something else completely, not your equipment.

Look how far GeeAus has come along.

Much like your wife, I don't know why I even waste my time with you.
Haha wow this turned in to quite the discussion! Some really good info.. I think I have decided to go with the sandia 80-5000 sniper it's 400- 1200 psi, 170 water lift 3 vac motors non heated though. $3500 so I can also offer tile cleaning if I chose.. it's obvious it isn't as good or effective as a 25,000 dollar truck mount system. But a guy should be able to make some money with the thing right? If I made $7500 with it I'd be happy.. I am ordering 150 door hangers and going to scatter them threw my community hopefully the calls come poring in! But really just testing the water. I live in a town of 7000 with with surrounding towns of 2000-4500 and no competition! One terribly over priced poorly managed rude company that also uses a portable. Would love for things to take off and advance offer other services power washing, windows etc.. but winter is just around the courner and carpet cleaning is where I see the market open for now. Plus the low cost of a portable is comforting if it didn't go well well surly I can make 3500 with it and have a good cleaner for my house! Having no experience is going to be steep learning curve but thankfully it's 2017 and we have forums!
Carpet cleaning for the most part is easy. Dry soil removal, precondition, agitate, extract. Heat helps greatly but agitation can compensate for heat. Higher PH chems help on heavily soiled carpets but your rinse should balance against the high PH.

If their is a distributor nearby go bend his ear for a few hours. They are glad to help, they have a vested interest in your success.

Focus heavily on marketing. I'm not suggesting spending tons of money but you need exposure to get work.

Good luck...just what the world needed..another POS portable carpet cleaner.

God help us! :winky: