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Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Mike Pay-oh-tay
Scouting the RMH project complete.

BIG ol' Nevada sized thanks to Mr Robert Falzone for picking me up at the airport at 8AM, carting me around all day and dropping me off back at 6:30 PM to head home

My trip to the south was a great success. I got a good look at the Mandalay Bay facility and what we can and can't do there as well as spending a couple hours at the Greater Las Vegas Ronald McDonald House with their great staff figuring out our plan of attack for January.

So here's what we got...

12 carpeted guest rooms with beds and dressers that wont need moving. 2 year old Nylon with light to moderate soiling, many drink spills and a bit of color loss due to improper spotting techniques. 3 rooms down stairs, 9 upstairs with two carpeted stairwells and many long hall ways.
About 1100 feet of carpet tiles in the admin offices with heavier soiling and more spills. A few on-sight cleanable large area rugs too.
29 pieces of upholstery ranging from small armchairs, lazy boys to delicate cotton velvet.

Tile wise, we have loads of various Porcelain tile with 1/4" grout lines that are jet black when they should be a light cream. The Granite counters in the kitchen need a good cleaning and light polishing and possibly some chip repair, if you're interested in leading this project please let me know.

We'll need 4 or 5 powerful high heat truckmounts to pull this off in the time frame allowed. Very long hose runs and sustained at heat at 1000 psi will be the ticket along with lots of stiff grout brushes and man power.
A good portable for much of the upholstery in the common areas while the truckmounts can handle the in room furniture. There is a "Parent's Retreat Room where we'll have a wool tufted, 3 Haitian ottomans and two large cotton velvet sofas. I plan on parking Jim Pemberton in there along with a few deserving but talented upholstery specialists and maybe auction off the ability to watch to a lucky upholstery cleaning newbie.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Swivel Wands to work around and under the furnished rooms and Zippers and to strut their stuff down the hall ways. Modern stair wands will also get a chance to shine as will most every new upholstery tool and tile spinners and hard floor wands.
Many of the carpet areas could be cleaned with low moisture methods so get in touch with me if you'd like to demo your CRB, OP or Cimex machines.

Vendors interested in participating are encourage to drop by on the Sunday before the show to get a good look at the project.

As show supporters, Legend Brands and HydraMaster will get first dibs at bringing their units, with LOTS of hoses please, but if we run short I'll call on local Vegas cleaners to bring their cleaning rigs over.

This a huge and wonderful opportunity for attendees to clean along side some of the most talented cleaners and instructors in our industry. Where else can you use new tools and methods in a setting that will make a real difference for families during a time of incredible stress and anguish in their lives?

Space will be limited so when the official Mikey's Fest- Nexus sign up page goes live, do not hesitate to reserve your spot!

January 29-31st, 2018,
Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas NV,

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