This might explain why my CRB is making so much noise

Mine started making a lot noise. Kind of a laboring and squeaking. I loosened the screws that go into the center brace rod that goes between the brushes. Noise is gone. Don't know what would cause it to become to tight. I had never touched them before.
The gears are plastic, ZERO need for grease and it won't keep them from wearing. The gears go when you seize the brushes all of the sudden by running over the cord or a spotting rag etc. Normally it's just the one gear that will strip.
Grease is the last thing you want dripping out of a CRB.
You can use a hack saw or grinding disk to cut a slot for a screw driver in the screw head. Sometimes pliers work.

You should be able to get hex head screws at local hardware store to replace them. Worse comes to worse hit them with a chizel and use pliers to get get the screw out.

Or send it in.

But get get hex cap screws to replace the Phillips.
Maybe a little more but even on commercial it pulls down pretty hard.

Keeping crud out from under the bearing cover is key I think. That's why it needs the hex caps so it's easier to maintain.
Using the right screwdriver helps too. Use a #1 Phillips or smaller.
with you on using proper fitting tool/bits
be it hex, nut or Philips

but pretty sure you mean #3 phil head??
Only place #1 Phil head belongs and should be used is on the plastic battery lid on kid's tiny toys

going "smaller", ain't the answer


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If the screws are steel in an aluminum frame, they have corroded.
Replace them with stainless. Larry is exactly right with the impact driver, it takes a momentary shock to break the corrosion.
I still say it wasn't meant for residential carpet but only low level commercial. Too much stress on the gears etc.
Barely any stress at all if you lubricate the carpets sufficiently.. the CGD is just as much stress, it pulls more so with stiff brush.
I still say it wasn't meant for residential carpet but only low level commercial. Too much stress on the gears etc.
I have been running Whittakers and Brush N clean units for 18 years. Have owned over a dozen of them in all that time we have had one stripped gear and that was operator error. Tough machines
yep, impact screwdriver did the job no problem. Screws had corroded a little. I don't use the 20 inch much.

Also agree on the tipping the machine when starting it. It becomes a good habit after awhile.

Yesterday I had a fellow cleaner text me to ask if he could use one of my Brush Pros because his gear stripped. When I bought my first machine I talked to the owner because I was going to buy an extra set of gears just in case. he told me that I only need the small one because that is the one to go first. I just gave the other cleaner my spare gear and he was good to go!
We use a product called "Kroil". It seems to loosen those screws up better than anything else. Then put the kung fu grip on it.

As far a grease on the gears, a little dab of white lithium grease doesn't hurt each gear while doing maintenance. It typically does more to quiet the gear assembly down just a bit...