Sold my businesses, catch up.


Nov 8, 2006
Shorty Glanville
This was posted by the new owner of my businesses on the Australia Carpet Cleaners page.

Down the track, I will be introducing her to Mikey's Board.

YES, even though I am now wheelchair bound, I still love my Guinness.

Emma Saad

Shorty Glanville, Delia Golez Glanville, and I did a publicity shot yesterday for the fb pages and websites.

Shorty had split his businesses into 3: Get Shorty Carpet & Upholstery Care, Cairns Commercial Carpet Care and Cairns Leather Care so I plan to roll them all back into one as I’ve never run a business so KISS (as Shorty says “Keep It Simple Stupid

I’m just learning how to update the pages and websites (I’m not very technologically minded) and I want to have all of my marketing material and uniforms ready to go so I can “make it live” all at the same time.

I’ve chosen to keep the Get Shorty Carpet & Upholstery Care name as to honour Shorty’s amazing legacy and I can only hope in many, many years, I can achieve what he has in the industry.

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