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Those who have spent a moment with The Rick knows he bleeds Carpet Cleaning.

You can’t pay a guy enough to fake his t’ude.

Let’s find out what makes him tick..

-Rick, aside from being a singer in a hard core punk band in the 80’s, what else did you do for kicks before getting sucked into our industry?
I was a crew chief on F-16 fighters in the USAF. I worked as an A and P licensed mechanic before Mike Roden hired me into this great industry at Prochem in 1990. I guess at that time in my life if I wasn’t singing gigs i would be out riding quads.

-Were you ever a cleaner?
I happened upon a great deal for a Prochem Legend/Van combo one time. I became a weekend warrior cleaner for a period of about 6 months. I did ok but I found a new respect for all you cleaners out there(tough work). After 6 months a cleaner friend of mine was in need of a set up. I just so happened to have one and he offerd me $6k more than I paid so my short career as a cleaner was brought to a close.

-Al Nessinger….s’plain please.
My mom always told me if I had nothing nice to say…………..

Seriously though, I think he had good intentions but manufacturing requires deep, deep pockets.

-When it comes to selling new set ups,would you rather deal with the owner of a 20 truck company, or a one trucker looking to make a big move?

I want them all! I absolutely HATE to lose. This is a great question because of the dynamics involved in each scenario. A 20 truck company has presumably already created a working process and therefore likely knows what unit he wants. With this customer it’s going to be a bottom line conversation.
The single truck operator looking to grow would be more intriguing because he/she would have more questions and be more open to suggestions.

-You just returned from Jon Don’s CAD in Dallas. You must attend events like this 20 times a year. How much time do you spend after the shows sucking down beers with Tim Bakers and Steve Polouses compared to planing how to put them out of business? Must be tough, right?

I liken it to professional sports. When the game is being played they’re my mortal enemy. After the game we are buddies. Those two guys you mentioned are icons in this industry. It’s humbling to be mentioned in the same breath as them. I learned a lot from Baker and consider him a true friend. I know him much more than Steve as the majority of my career Tim was my Prochem rep.
– Speaking of CADs, just how many Ball Park Franks can one company rep eat at these things before a guy pops an artery? How do you cleanse after weeks on the road?

First off I need to drink lots and lots of water. After the CAD I feel almost like I used to feel after singing on stage. I’m exhausted. I give my all at these things. After weeks on the road believe it or not I like to jump in my RV and take my wife and two doggies camping fishing.

– In your opinion , what is THE ultimate van/ TM set up as of 12PM 4/16/15 (what would you buy?)

Haha is this a set up question? I do love the new Pro1200. My favorite unit is still the 570. I’d want an electric reel out the side door of my Promaster/Transit van.

-Bill calls tomorrow to tell you you’re canned…Do you stay in the industry or look elsewhere?

Bill and his team hired me when other companies wouldn’t even consider me. I’ll run though walls for them and I love this industry. I’m going nowhere!!

-Where will you retire? You’ve seen the whole country by now….
I’m an Arizona boy so my plan is to buy land in Northern AZ and live there during the summer months and in the Valley during the winter. Boring answer but true.

-Trade shows.. How many does this industry NEED in one year…and where.
I think the industry is on the cusp of overdoing it. I like the two a year deal. One should be in the same place and around the same time yearly(Las Vegas in the fall/winter). The other should be in the East during the summer at different locations yearly. We should show some love to our northeastern brothers and sisters some time.

-Best punk band ever?
That depends on my mood and time of day! I love Rancid’s “Out come the wolves” album. Every song was great. Currently I’m on a Clutch kick. Nothing like listening to ‘Escape from the prison planet” before a CAD. NOFX was influential as well. The standard DK, Black Flag and one of my favorite satire bands Dead Milkmen!

-Pick 5 industry super stars to spend the rest of your days on that deserted island with…
Great question but to be honest I would want much more than 5 on that Island because so many great people I’ve met through the years I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

-Death row meal…
Something about a good steak………….stuffed with tacos……………served on a giant deep dish pizza……….and some great sushi. Washed down with a giant Blue Moon!

-Best prespray?
I’m biased but when I do a demo I use Enzall with a Biosolve kicker!!

-If you could take over ownership of ONE supply shop in the US, which one would it be?
Dave and Dan at Allen Equipment in Chandler AZ helped me out when I needed it. They’re great guys.

-Once those Bruders brothers retire and buy their own Hawaiian Island, do you move up to the top of the RPM food chain?
I gotta tell you, I have my dream job now. I absolutely love my position. I get paid to talk about truckmounts! If RPM needs me to move up then I will do what they need. I’ll scrub toilets if need be. I always took pride in the fact I never said “that’s not my job”. If it needs to get done then let’s do it!!

– What dive bar are we hanging at in Clearwater next week?
I like the sports bar across the street from the Hilton but I’m always happy to go on a trek to seek out a good dive bar.

– party on garth…. :rockon:

Kellie Hiler

Supportive Member
Rick, what are your thoughts on the 370? I've got a White Magic 18 hp Kohler with a 45 blower. Is the 370 the equivelant of that in terms of power, heat and vac?

Kellie Hiler

Supportive Member
I thought an 18hp was too light for a 45 blower?
I'm not sure what that means? My husband says it depends on how you set it up. He said the way ours is set up it is enough power to spin the blower.
I can tell you that we have done 300 foot runs with this machine with no problems.