Remote Call Forward / Number Masking

It is time I brought my daughter on board to answer the phones. She does not live with me but she is nearby.

Sure I can forward the main line, and that works fine for all calls phone calls that are answered. If she has to call someone back, I want all outgoing calls to be labeled as my main number in the customers Caller ID. I also need to make calls from different locations with the same main outgoing number.

My biz number is over 40 years old. I have no problem providing a dedicated phone for her. Anyone doing this? Suggestions?


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hmmm.....most, if not all, spoof apps (like spoofcard) seem too cumbersome for this purpose. I don't see anything like Doximity Dialer for genpop.

will be interested to see what you find
I've had the same landline number for 47 years. 15 years ago we moved to the next town and forwarded that number to a cellphone. I paid $50mo. to do that.

Last year we finally persuaded AT&T to port that business number to a cellphone, eliminating some hassle.
Call Rail will let you set up tracking and other multiple lines for in/out dialing.

You can also turn you business line into a google voice number and let any team member have the ability to call out on that line via the app. (i think)
Back in the took close to two months to keep my number when i moved...they actually told me that new lines were required

And yes i did move quite often...
So you find that excessive. .? OK...
Lets average this out
74 years old
Seven marriages. ....

Average ......10 and 4/7 years a piece .
If my math is correct. don seem that bad....
Ya...well i was wondering which one of you sherlock holmes would call me on that one.....
I HAVE been married to my present wife for close to 27 years........
So far!
If you are forwarding #'s you should check *86 or *99 or whatever it is you used to have(in the past) to access VM.
I had messages from 2 years ago stored on *86 because I had my land line ported over to a Cell Phone.
the old message system was still working from my land line????
"Hi Mrs Pifter I see you called 2 years ago do you still want your carpets cleaned the week of the 11th?"