Odor Solutions By: Pro's Choice

Jul 9, 2015
Rancho Cordova , CA
Odor Solutions by Pro's Choice

We recently attended the Contractor's Connection Convention in Las Vegas where we debuted our line of odor control products geared towards restoration, Odor Solutions by Pro's Choice. Here is a brief rundown of this amazing lineup of products!


What's New?

The Vapor Pro 4200 - This dry vapor delivery system, offered at a fraction of the cost of competitive products, uses vapor squares and/or bars filled with pure 100% plant based essential oils as pairing agents to neutralize tough odors.The goal is not to cover up the malodor with a "frou-frou" fragrance, but rather to completely eliminate the odor, leaving the air light and fresh. This system is perfect for occupied spaces!

X-Cide Concentrated Odor Neutralizers - These concentrated liquids use pairing agents, along with encapsulation and anti-microbial properties to completely eliminate malodors instantly. Our odor-specific formulas make it simple for you to know what product to use on your next job.

X Series Ozone Machines - We now offer three levels of Ozone machines, the X5000, X8000 and X16000 (dual fans.) For use by professionals only, these machines generate powerful levels of Ozone, and are a favorite of restoration professionals. These machines are offered at an extremely cost-friendly price and come with a limited lifetime warranty and a plug-in timer.

Odor Barrier "New Wood" - Perfect for fire restoration jobs, his hard-surface sealer seals away odors, leaving the pleasant "woodsy" scent of new construction. We also offer Odor Barrier in original scent, which is meant to have no fragrance after it dries. Yes, this product can be used in place of shellac!
Best Uses for Our New Products

Our dry vapor system is best suited for occupied spaces up to 20,000 cubic ft., and since its completely safe and non-toxic, the Vapor Pro 4200 can be used around kids, pets and plants. Our "Industrial" vapor squares and bars can be used in a variety of environments including rest-homes, jails, hospitals, daycares etc. We also offer odor specific vapor squares and bars including "Urine," "Fire," "Mold," "Smoke," "Dumpster" and more.

Our concentrated X-Cide liquids can be fogged into the environment or applied with a pump sprayer and like the vapor squares and bars, we offer the X-Cides in odor-specific formulas. The X-Cide liquids can be used to eliminate odors on floors and walls in a variety of environments.

Our Ozone machines are meant to eliminate malodors and sanitize the air in unoccupied spaces and should be operated only by trained professionals. The accompanying timer can be used to set the ozone to operate for a specified time and then shut off hours before the technician is set to re-enter the space, giving the ozone adequate time to dissipate.

Odor Barrier "New Wood" is perfect for fire restoration jobs, where you need to seal away any remaining odors and impart the feeling of new construction. This product is applied with either a roller or a brush.

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