New Saiger's Deep Blue All Purpose - All Fiber Rinse and Super Sealer now at JonDon!

Mark Saiger

Mr Happy!
Dec 26, 2006
Grand Rapids, MN
Mark Saiger
News Update! JonDon has the two new Sauce Products!

The new Deep Blue All Purpose - All Fiber Rinse and the NEW Super Sealer for Carpet, Upholstery AND Tile and Grout protecting and Sealing!

Slop and Mop Sealing method on hard surfaces with no buffing needed, no residue and no grout stick applicators. Fast and easy to use!

The two new products are In stock at the main Roselle Illinois JonDon and in transport to 5 other locations arriving this week at Denver, Garland, Portland, Union City, and St Louis.

All stores will have on their shelfs within the next two weeks or call in or order online for immediate delivery!

And yes you can also get from our webstore at

Thanks for giving our products a try! :)

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