"I absolutely hate rigid wands"- Ely Young

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By Mikey P on Jun 19, 2016 at 10:43 AM
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    I had to take our older swivel wand off the truck for two days while I replace the 1/8the QCs..
    The crew came back to the shop all passed off and threatened to use it leaking or otherwise if I was not done.

    Looks like I need two on each truck. Our rigids never get used and the Zipper is their go to for big rectangularscreen

    Tony's new wand works great but has a serious flaw in the swivel. The locking collar can not be removed once damaged and it damages easily. We'll keep using it until late a promised new design arrives in two weeks

    Tom's old Swivel is still going strong with just a hint of play. I re-greased it over the weekend, which did not effect the play.
    The mounting hardware and system fit the manifolds are it's weakness. Not a lifetime set up for sure.

    If I were Tom, I'd be bringing a dozen of his new wand to Nashville, as I'm sure he'll sell them all.

    Mark my words, in three years from now I predict:

    -Swiveling will be the industry standard amongst the WWW crowd and possibly the franchises
    -PMF will be assembling Tom's perfected Devestator
    -Swivel adaptor kits for other wands will be available
    -Every manufacturer will be offering one
    -Marty will still be rigid and waiting on the fad to prove itself.


Discussion in 'the CleAn Room' started by Mikey P, Jun 19, 2016.

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