HD Odor Kill Plus

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Jul 13, 2011
The latest technology in DFE chemistry is incorporated in the new Odor Killing, TLC Pre Spray from Pro’s Choice.​

“HD Odor Kill” Plus is fast becoming a must have for cleaners who want high performance cleaning and effective odor elimination bundled into one product. It is a product with amazing versatility for the professional cleaner.

For Pet odors in homes simply use HD Odor Kill as your pre – spray focusing on t the urine deposits then extract as usual Simple fast and effective

For nursing homes HD Odor Kill Plus is an absolute must. Just use it as a pre – spray to eliminate the multitude of odors in the hallways and in resident rooms.

For rental Properties use it to eliminate the funky smells and leave the unite smelling fresh and desirable. Managers love it

For gym locker rooms and restrooms it will leave your tile and stone sparkling with a fresh clean sent.
As a performance booster/ deodorizer simply add it to your cleaning solution.

HD Odor Kill Plus is now available from Pro’s Choice Distributors.
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