An Evening with Josh Jones, owner of STI at Aramsco/Interlink Las Vegas June 23rd.

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By Robert Falzone on Jun 1, 2016 at 7:12 PM
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    Robert Falzone
    Hey guys, Josh Jones, the owner of Substrate Technologies, also known as STI, will be in Las Vegas on June 23rd to do an 'Evening with Josh Jones'. It will be some hands on, some Q & A etc. This event will be at our combined Interlink Aramsco location at 7001 West Arby, Suite 130.

    Josh is not just the owner of STI, but he's a bonafide concrete surface prep expert. If you are interested in concrete surface prep, whether it be polishing concrete and terrazzo or just prepping a floor for new surfacing after removing a carpet or tile floor from a category 2-3 water damage, then come by for an information packed evening. Hors d'oeuvres and refreshing beverages will be served.

    Josh's website is

    I used his STI Spin-1 pads to fix a concrete surface problem at a property on the Las Vegas Strip last week. Gaffers tape that was on the floor pulled up some of the concrete making it appear 'etched' It looked like adhesive left behind, but there were bits of concrete that come up with the tape. We used the Spin-1 pad system from STI and it came out great. Pics are below.

    Thanks for reading this. If you are in town, please stop by for this cool event.

    Robert Falzone Interlink/Aramsco

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Discussion in 'Hard Surface Hub' started by Robert Falzone, Jun 1, 2016.

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