1. S

    Help me settle a discussion

    We run an Aerotech for our floor and fiber care division and it is lettered up for carpet cleaning. In our window cleaning division, we also do pressure washing and softwashing of homes and need to make a further investment to improve our capabilities there. My salesman just asked me why...
  2. Mr. Peabody

    Classified For Sale: 2006 Vortex (Model 6008)

    Details: 2006 Vortex with a lot of upgrades including a $10K NEW fresh water tank. This tank is the exact same one being installed in the new Aero Techs. NO more fresh water leaks! All walls lined with plywood and carpet Waterproof carpeting on the floor Fully synthetic AMSoil used for the...
  3. S

    Aerotech Upgrade and Productivity

    For those who have switched from a slide in or direct drive to an Aerotech, has it increased your productivity significantly? We currently pre-vac, pre-spray, agitate with crb, and extract using a TCS Chief II. Though it is rated to dual wand, it really loses it's effectiveness. With an...
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