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    Dirt Adventure Day

    Be part of something great this October.
    Our charitable cleanings and fund raiser will create memories, friendships and newfound business skills that will last a life time.

    Please join us as the nation's most talented and passionate cleaners join together to give back to the Phoenix community. We'll be cleaning three Ronald McDonald Houses in one day. This is a massive undertaking as their buildings are huge and the floors and furnishing are in desperate need of attention. Tile and grout, LVP, Carpet, Rugs, Upholstery, Concrete, Graniter Counters and more led by seasoned pros and industry educators.

    Thursday's event will followed by a pool party at The Saguaro Hotel to celebrate our good deed.

    Friday will have great classes from 8 AM to 4PM followed by cleaning of over 5000 feet of carpet at our hotel with plenty of time to test the latest and greatest Swivel and High Performance Wands, Rotary Extractors, Zippers, Low Moisture tools, Truckmounts on real world soiled carpet.

    Saturday will be additional classes and a round table discussion followed by a networking pool party

    Our group hotel and class venue is located right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. 100s of shops, restuarants and bars all within walking sitance.

    Features include:
    Two pools w/ rent-able cabanas and out side bar
    Great onsite resturant and whiskey bar
    The lowest room rate to be found in the area
    Perfect setting for networking and nighttime comraderie.
    (resort feee of $26 will show up on line but not be charged)

    Plan on arriving on Wednesday the 25th for an early start on Thursday.

    Friday and Saturday's events are all at the Saguaro Hotel.
    You are responsible for getting to the RMH via a rental car, Uber or a cab.

    Book your room here!

    Attending Vendors, so far..

    1. Legend Brands-Sapphire, Prochem, Chemspec, Dri-Eaz
    2. Butler
    3. Interlink
    4. Harvard
    5. Saigers
    6. MasterBlend
    7. Stone Pro
    8. Zipper Wands
    9. Devastator Products/PMF
    10. Carpet Cleaner America
    11. Prolific Prints/Ryan Kettering
    12. Hydramaster
    13. Orbot
    14. Rotovac
    15. SwedeClean
    16. Cobb's Carpet Supply
    17. Service Monster
    18. Westpak
    19. Aerotech
    20. Turbo Force
    21. Service Monster
    22. TSI Supply/PureForce Chemical

    MF Scottsdale Schedule

    Thursday 26th

    8AM to 4PM
    - Cleaning 35,000 feet of flooring and many upholostered pieces at three Ronald McDonald Homes for charity. Clean along side the best and most passionate professionals this country has to offer. You'll learn tons and feel great at the end of the day for helping out the Phoenix community.

    Pool party after the RMH Cleaning @ The Saguaro Hotel


    Friday 27th

    9:AM – Ty Cranmore
    A start-up's journey is riddled with sales pitches and poor information that can have detrimental effects on a business. After falling for many of these traps in the beginning, I set out to test and get actual data for both traditional and the latest marketing tactics to narrow down the most effective methods in a highly competitive market. Learn which were total failures, and which helped us to differentiate and dominate our marketplace... our findings may surprise you!

    10:15AM – Mason Tomaino

    Mason from Jon Don leads a round table discussion on Pricing for Your Market with guests Meg Burdick, Jordan King and Mike Pailliotet Hear from companies that charge between .20 to 60 a foot for residential cleaning as well as per room pricing. How to determine what way is best for your market and company

    12:pM Joel Riggs

    "How not to be a dick on Facebook" learn from one of Facebook's most addicted members on how to behave on your personal, business and group pages. You'll be sure to laugh, cry and most likely, close your FB account after Joel's very entertaining and educational standup routine..

    1PM- Catered Lunch on site

    2-7PM Technical Sessions

    Arron Groseclose (Masterblend)- On site rug and upholstery cleaning with various methods demo’d

    Bryan Thomson-The "Do's and Don'ts, of natural stone cleaning and polishing"

    Steve “Stone Pro” Gillett – Synthetic and Granite Counter Top Restoration

    4pm to 7PM Cleaning of the Saguaro Hotel Carpet- All methods and machinery will be used. 5000 plus feet of dirty glue down. Zippers, Swivels, Rotary Extractors, VLM, Compound etc.


    Saturday 28th

    9:AM-Ryan Kettering

    Regardless of how great you think your company "looks" in your community, it could probably be a bit, or a lot, better.
    Please make plans to join our Key Note Speaker, Mr Ryan Kettering as he shares on what you can do to be the most visible cleaning company in your town..

    Be More Of You - How to make your brand your greatest asset

    Is your business successful because of your brand or in spite of it? A strong brand will make your company shine and stand out in a noisy world, make your business more profitable, and enjoyable! Learn the importance of branding and how it can be your company's greatest asset; as well as how to audit your brand, and discover ways to better align your company identity and brand with your goals and communicate them effectively to your market.

    10:30 Ivan Turner-

    Ivan has built two very successful restoration companies from the ground up, the old fashioned way. No social media, no EDDM, no buying leads from restoration franchises. Just good old fashion belly to belly relationship building, something most new business owners know nothing about.

    Reserve your seat now to find out why the best long term clients can't be bought. Ivan is so good at this, he even authored a book on the subject, but no worries he's not coming out to try and sell a thing. Just time proven old fashion strategies handed out gratis.

    11 :45 Will Saring-

    -How active your business should be on Social Media.

    - Creating the Perfect Online Presence. (Before/ After Photos, Post Wording, Images, Contests and more)

    - Promoting with other business via Social

    - Most effective ways to book up your schedule for the week with one Post. While not over spending!

    - Getting more online Reviews. We just hit proudly over 180 reviews on FB!

    - Instagram Marketing Geo location (help your Google Map ranking)

    Willis an independent business owner from Las Vegas. His unique low moisture process along with his mastery of all things Social make his Natural Dry company a real stand out in a very crowded market.

    1-PM- Catered lunch on site

    2PM- Adam Hale closing speech.
    21 years in the both the retail and end user sides of our industry teaches you a lot. Adam will share business and life lessons learned with lots of audience interaction. Adam hopes to motivate you not only to reach deeper for success in your business but much more important to reach deeper in your personal life and find success in things that matter much more than money.

    3PM POOL Networking PARTY!

    Bring your note pad to the pool, you'll learn more in this face to face (belly to belly) party than you would in ten years swimming by yourself.

    Call Mike @ 831 588 9063 for more information.
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Discussion in 'the CleAn Room' started by Mikey P, Apr 10, 2017.

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